Miracle Is The New Normal

As I've entered Day 93 of Theme Playfulness, The things I thought was Magical before, are Normal and the Everyday-Ordinary Days Of My Life ... are Beyond Words Wonderous :)))I've experienced the Impossible happen, people have shared with me "Miraculous" Stories (about themselves or loved ones, no fiction folks) of considered "impossible" healings taking place... I'm CONVINCED. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, EVERY SINGLE THING. I'm Knowing it, and its SUCHA HIGH to LIVE it!!!! Experiencing Synchronicity, Miracles, Magic, You Name It.. My "New" Life is PACKED with Details to Muse over... Eternally... AND Deliciously FUN, LAIDBACK, EASY and EFFORTLESS... :))) What???!!! Oh, YES, Big Time Elation!!!!! AND keeps Getting better..What???!! YES, it DOES!!! Get ont it!!! Theme Playfulness is Da Shit :))) Get Da Hang, Glide and Keep Living It!!!

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