Fabulous Reminders :)))

QUOTE ...just don't be so heavy handed on the knowing-what-you-don't-want... ...SO MUCH of what you DO want is defined by your pushing-agaist-what-you-don't-want. And that slows you down, it takes the joy out of your life... it causes you to have more unwanted experiences that you need to have. And it keeps you, most of all, from being in vibrational alliance, in vibrational harmonics, in vibrational BEINGNESS with your power and your clarity, your health, your stamina and your vitality and all that stuff that you are talking about. You can just feel when you've focused it into being. So if we were standing in your physical shoes ~ we would come determent, determent to align....(with what you want) without pushing agaist...(what you don't want).... ~Abraham LIVE L.A 2012-01-28

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