Inspirations ~ Appreciation To Revel In

I'm so excited about the response to this 30 day challenge, and as most of us are on Day 20 already there are others just joined in!!! And there are people inspired to sharing their high vibe energy to inspire others, so feel free to go to Ferris Jay's blogpost on the Art Of Appreciation reading about her adventures including some nice useful tips and tricks for your own challange period!! She began with her report with this blogpost of Day-1 today :)))) Tara Woodruff has been posting regularily since the beginning and is on Day 20 today!!! Here is a sample!!! Feel Free to have a peek and get inspired by these wonderful bloggers :))) Yay for Appreciation and Inspiration!!!! Ps. Tatiana is making fun videos daily as her "report" of this challenge, Enjoy them HERE :)))


  1. Yay - this is such fun. Reminds me of one of my morning affirmations ' I draw to me people of like minds and together our experiences will uplift us all .. and so it is'... and here we are .. and isn't it just SOOO uplifting :-)

    1. Oh YES, here we are ~ having FUN and getting fabulous results ... easily and quickly.. yay!!!! :)))