Getting Around Feeling "Uncomfy" {with Video}

Today is Day 14 of the Magically Effective Creation Challenge, and I've been amazed with all of your results as well as my own progress!!! Thanks to all participating and sharing your appreciation and results!!! Here is a video describing how you can make this challange even more effective on subjects/situations where it feels alil uncomfy stating the sentences "as if already happened"... Your FEELING is your INDICATOR of progress. Any amount of relief or feeling-better IS progress. Everyone is doing swimmingly, I LOVE being part of this together with you, YAY!!!! These Tips&Tricks can of course be used apart from this challenge, ENJOY :))) Ps. Also with HUGE appreciation for everyone supporting this work, through donations, LOVE knowing you're progressing so effectively!!! Your Feedback is joyously recieved!!!


  1. Beautiful! Thank you Jeux xxx

    1. Thank YOU and appreciating your comment!!! :)))