Today's List Of Appreciation ~ No Coincidences, Yay!

It's Day 9 and I'm sharing with you a sample of todays written appreciations, down below the image ♥ First part called "Now" is current reality and experiences. And the second part called "Intentions" are desired experiences. As I've already communicated through my videos, ALOT of my intentions has already become my current reality. And most which have not already, are things/experiences that are intended to happen further on.. for example.. a retreat experience this summer will not be my reality until then.. altho I've already experienced glimpses of it in form of "planning" with a friend etc. It was a written intention of mine during these days, and then my friend started to talk about us going there together.. so I'm kinda seeing all of these things coming, in one way or another now.. REALLY enjoying coming up with new ones too.. :))) Ps. This image was found through google pictures searching "appreciating"
*** N O W Appreciating that the new pen I've used to write the appreciations & intentions.. is now finished..lol.. had to get a new pen..lol.. Appreciating how I now get to not-need-to-do the presentation for this current course, and is why I'm having loads of freetime at this moment!!! Appreciating The Balloon Co-Creative experience with Kat Coats..lol.. I didn't know why I actually used them in my video of today.. and then she gave me the answer.. we were co-creating this experience..lol.. Awesome.. I'm deeply appreciating the connection we all have.. and how OBVIOUS it is to me now!!! Appreciating the Appreciaton-Mode I'm in!!!! Appreciate Appreciating :))) Its a delicious way to get in a high-flying mood :))) Appreciating all new donations to my Blog - I LOVE you, its wonderful to coach people this way, I LOVE knowing people getting results and as they do, they feel BETTER and feeling better, one feel more abundance and wants to share. I LOVE sharing abundance too!!!! YAY :))) Appreciating the beautiful photos my friend Iara has on her profile, photos of delicious and very beautiful food :))) Appreciating the colors of those photos and the way she presents them, so they look really attractive... yum :))) Appreciating my Webcam, Skype, My computer, Facebook, Internet, Technology.. yum.. everything making it easy to connect and share the fun & beauty of this life experience... Appreciate how we CAN communicate without words.. even when not together physically.. appreciating how powerful Intentions actually are at inspireing others (also wanting the same) to interact... wonders seem happen on a daily basis..or we are used to think of them as wonders or coincidences... altho there are none of that.. everything is Co-Creation between "willing" components...and doing the Intending, the Creating Deliberately... thats YUM YUM YUM ♥ Apprecating the new songs I learned to play and sing w my harmonium today.. I also appreciate how I am a FAST-learner!!!! I'm hooked..gotta get up even earlier tomorrow.. And I'm Passionate about being Passionate about this!!!! Wooooozaaaa :))) ***INTENTIONS I'm appreciating myself for taking the enjoyable time learning harmonium and getting a hang of it sooooo fast, got loads of songs already to play and sing.. I'm learning fabulously fast, its a PLEASURE being me :))) I'm appreciating the new sessions of music at my house with my friends.. I'm Kirtan-REady :))) Appreciating that I've now got TWO dear friends coming from afar to visit me for a fun and exhilrating experience ~YES :))) APPRECIATING AIRPLANES ♥♥♥ appreciating having TIME now for all my clients and students, we have so much fun together!!! I'm drawing to me exactley who wants and benefits from my services, co-creation at its BEST :))) ..there was todays sample ♥♥♥ LOVE to Everyone, Muah!!!!

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