It's Day 108 of Theme Playfulness {Oh My!!!}

Oh MY Source, I've reached the 108th day of this 108-Days-Theme-Playfulness "Challange"!!!! And its OVER THE TOP!!! Time seem to have passed sooo quicky..lol.. feels like I started a week a go LOL... The Results ~THE RESULTS!!!!~ have been Mind-Blowing, on an EVERYDAY basis... As I wrote in my FB report today: ... I simply cannot end this Theme.. its bringing to much of the most AWESOMEST results!!!! Last day of this theme???? ehum.. I dont think so :)))))))) ..as I watched Marilyn Holzmann's video today (Day 5 of the Appreciation challange), where she so lovingly expressed her current situation and how to gain your appreciation-balance back after dealing with negativity... I just found myself so filled with WONDER as I understood how WELL the playfulness has worked on "negativity" in my experience!!! It really has changed my view of it as I am no longer "being aware" of it in anyway.. I'm also not afraid to be playful in considered "serious" circumstances and discussion.. lol.. When I find myself being playful in those situations I can twist and turn it and most times I even get the other person to PIVOT too.. Its a BLAST ♥ When I'm playful the "negative" people or comments or complaining does NOT bother me, not the slightest.. instead I see it as an opportunity to PLAY arounds.. so I'm twisting the context, the words etc.. and as I'm doing this from a playful mode and therefore able to use my intution.. it comes out PREFECLTY... and so - it all pivots.. and most times everyone involved can see the "other perspective" and will laugh at it and such.. Recently I've gotten several comments about this, and they are always compliments and in a kinda impressed "how-do-you-do-that" kinda manner.. LOL.. and as my Dad the other day (he likes to discuss, provoke and compete) said... "But Hey, if you use Humor in a discussion you can never win it" ..and I replied: "When you're filled with humor, you're just caring about the fun of it, so who cares about winning??? LOL" as I thought to myself "Having fun is winning all the time" - and we both laughed long and hard (my son and mom joined in too)... I've been doing this gradually and it has become more and more automatic for me to be playful in ALL situations... instead of my old habit of going defensive or trying to avoid it at any price (pushing agaist it - which does never give me less of it, but more lol).. So, one of the biggest APPRECIATIONS of todays Current Things I Appreciate List (Day 5 of the 30 day Magically Effective Creation Challange with Appreciation Intentions, see previous posts***) - Is All The AWESOME results of this Genious Playfulness period.. High-10 to Myself, My Inner Being, Source and To EVERYONE in my life that has been making it sooo juicy ♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOVING IT!!!!!!!
Ps: ***http://joylovebliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/day-1-of-magically-effective-30day.html and there is a video description with "how to start tips" here: http://joylovebliss.blogspot.com/2012/01/30day-challange-video-with-tips.html ... and I got the image searching for "playfulness" on Google Pictures


  1. Wow, that's a wonderful story about the conversation and laughter with your dad. Talk about pivoting!
    Love, Susanna

    1. It was wonderful to experience :))) Thank you for noticing it and commenting Susanna!!!