One Hundred And Eight ~ Yum for Anger Management or Meditation Practice {with Video}

To Recite a mantra or do breathing exercise "108 times" is a traditional way in yoga to practice yoga and meditation. It's a very lovely way to meditate and the lenght of your mantra (and the velocity of you reciting it) will determinate how long the meditation will be. I love using different kinds of mantras, there are all kinds - for all purposes LOL :))) And it's really nice to put a melody to it aswell :))) So feel free to improvise!!! To count to 108 may seem impossible as you recite, but there are tricks on how to do this. You can use a Mala (a meditation neckless kinda thing) and you can use your hands. In this video I'll show you how to use your hands. This is very useful since you always have your hands with you... and IF you'd at anytime feel angry or something like that.. you can take a round of 108 mantras ~ and you'll be at peace shortly :))) ..maybe even especially so if you have a lil nice melody to it.. try it out for yourselves ;) Yay, ENJOY!!! Ps: In the Previous post "A Comfy Meditation Seat" you'll find tips to facilitate a blossoming meditation practice

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