New 108 Days of Feeling FAB!!!

The 30 days of Magically Effective Creation "Challenge" has passed for me and I'm sooo thrilled about the feeling I've conjured ..and all the other results...that I've decided to continue for 108 days instead.. Just as my "Theme Playfulness" contiued for 108 days... LOVED IT so much!!! Didn't think it could be more delicious.. and here I am enjoying the effects of the Playfulness "Challenge" meanwhile I've embarked on a new delicious journey of Appreciation.. and as one of my teachers says "Appreciating is an active state of creating".. this is OBVIOUS to me, as all results are flowing into my experience... The other day as I left my home I was greeted by a "two entangled hearts" pattern on the street !!! LOVED IT and just had to take a photo, even tho "I might miss the bus" LOL... so here you go.. One of the beautiful-est Good-Morning-Greetings ever!!! Muah!!! Wishing you the same kinda delicious experiences, so keep up the results-wonders of appreciation :))))


  1. BeaYOUtiful! What a gorgeous welcome to your day :) Appreciating your appreciation!

    1. Yum, YES it totally was :)))