Taking The Call

More Goodies to Share...So ~ If you read my last blogpost , you already know that our emotions represent communication or even guidance from our "broader self", the part of us that has The Whole Picture..the Broader Picture and KNOWS what we personally prefer at all times.... And as I wrote to a dear friend recently.. An "uncomfy" emotion is actually kinda like a really good friend or a life partner (your broader part is a really great life partner btw lol) that is holding out their hand, and with the Unconditional Love that it IS, calling you towards it ~ and This broader part of the physical you IS actually right now experiencing what YOU just created (that is, you have just experienced something NOT preferred and a preferred version has been created instantly)...and of course wants to SHARE this wonderful experience with you, experience it together.. So the "uncomfiness" is actually the kinda separation from the broader-you that you acknowledge... "Come and Enjoy this Wonder with me", is calls you .. as you're still having your focus on what actually MADE you prefer something different.. LOL...And I've found that, more and more, since I have gotten the hang of this knowlege.. I'm more an more prone.. on all subjects.. to come along and hang out with my Life Partner ..and checking out, and let myself experience all the new creation has just happened, and that is MY OWN preferred version.. So, uncomfy emotion is nothing to fear or beware of..On the contrary, its something to really appreciate.. and FOLLOW :))) I LOVE following these indicators of Unconditional Love, lovingly and infinitly patiently... calling me towards what I personally prefer... The Geniousest :))))