The Five Most Delicious Days Yet

Oh, I'm soo thrilled about my life right now! I've had the most fabulous days and I've had them On-Purpose! What do I mean with that? Well, LOL.. As you might know already I started an experiment on myself some time ago, and the aim was to see if it was possible to be happy under any and all conditions.. and this experiment has blossomed into a really lovely way of living! So I've understood by "trial and error" experience how the Universe/The World/My reality respond to how I feel, and as I wrote recently, I have a guidance system that is guiding me towards all my desires - and well, so does everyone, even though it seems not many have figured out how to use it. Read more HERE about that :))) So, when I had started to figure out and had experienced how my reality responds to my mood and expectations, I played around with changing my expectations about things.. and I found out how to go about it, to make a difference that played out in my reality. Pretty Cool Stuff... So now when I've gotten to a confident place and know how I can play around with my emotions and expectations to get different results.. I do, on a daily basis. And I've come to know how it really is ONLY me making it easy or hard for myself to live this life LOL!!! Recently, I wanted to play around some more with the concept of "EASE", and daily-life-ease.. which kinda commonly seems like "impossible" under certain circumstances.. so I've stretched my experiment to that.. To Experience a Deeper Sense of Empowerment Regarding Creating EASE for myself in daily life. And really, I've come to a place where I already experience WAY more ease than I used to, and regardless situation I can handle it. Anyway, for the FUN of it I wanted to, even more, refine my Empowerment on that subject.. So, I did some "work" about a current situation, where I had felt less ease and more of a "time-pressure" etc, and made myself feel better about it. And as I felt better about it, I realized that it has been kinda a general pattern of mine to see lack of time and ability, and even though I'm having a fabulous life right now, there can still be a little uncomfiness on that subject. So as I let myself think in another way about it, it felt REALLY good, and some yummy ideas came into my head. I had heard way back that one actually can "prepave", set intentions, beforehand ..that is to create an expectation of something wanted... and I hadn't really tried it much before.. mostly cuz I kinda "forgot" about it, but really it was cuz I kinda thought it seemed too simple and too good to be "true".. I was still stuck in the "you can't change what-is" LOL.. so now as I got these ideas, it felt so nice, and I eagerly started to - for fun - set intentions for the next day as I went to bed.. Things like "I intend to get a good nights sleep, and wake up eager and rejuvinated in the morning, feeling really good and I intend to have a day filled with ease, where it feels like I have all-the-time-in-the-world and I have a clear mind so every task will seem easy" ..and more specific things like "I intend that the photos that will be taken of me tomorrow will turn out really good" or "I intend to feel ease and interest as I do my homework and I intend to get time over to do other things aswell".. And as I stated these things in the evening, the first evening I kinda did it for the fun of seeing what might happen. And I kinda actually expected it to have an impact since I've been experiencing so many other things regarding this. And well, TODAY it is my 5th day since I started this AND I'm REALLY experiencing a RIDICULOUS EASE, ALL DAY and EVERYDAY since, LOL!!! Frickin-BAM!!! Some examples, I woke up feeling fabulous EVERY DAY, even though I had what I usually consider "way too few hours of sleep" two of these days. I also have had (EVERY DAY and THE WHOLE DAY) an incredible FLOW in traffic, at school, with homework.. my brain has been functioning optimally, EVERYTHING feels like a "non-issue" LOL.. doing more things and feeling near to no-strain, its not about the "shoulds", everything comes very naturally and ideas pop into my head at the utterly perfect timing which makes it all even more like effortless-ease. LOL, actually I felt like I WANTED to sleep the other day, and I didn't really feel tired, just very good and happy - so I set an intention to "fall asleep swiftly tonight" (as I was in bed wondering if I would sleep at all lol), AND BAM, so I did, right after that intention-setting!!! LOL ...FAST results!!! And also, I had intended to wake up 5min before the alarm.. (cuz I really LOVE the feeling of waking up by myself, and feel completely rested).. and SO I DID, and of course feeling GREAT and eager to start my ease-filled day!!! I also feel kinda lighter/more energy/less strain than I usually do..and well, I have felt kinda invincible before, but now I feel a new world of opportunities open up.. cuz it seems I can impact DETAILS in my life..which I thought before was kinda "static" or kinda "non-impactable" or "hard to improve".. and THAT is an incredible feeling of invincibility.. A new level of KNOWING what really IS possible, a new level of Self Empowerment. The Power each of us have innately, it is MAGNIFICENT. I feel humble and deeply appreciative of having figured out the How-To impact my reality, also feeling fabulous about applying it - it THRILLS me how wonderful this Universe is. And how All Really Is Utterly WELL!!! :))) LOVE to all, live The Dream!!! Muah!!! Ps. the image was found through Google Images searching "feeling light"; http://www.flickr.com/photos/gabbi4/5432213391/ QUESTIONS regarding this post, I've answered HERE :)))

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