Q & A: "How can I generate the energy from the heart?"

My last post was about me setting intentions for next morning and the day to come, and how Powerfully Effective it has affected my life the past days. I had a similar day today aswell. I got some questions relating to this that I'd like to answer as a post, since many have similar questions! So one of the Questions was "How can we generate energy from the heart? Because that is where everything emanates? Any affirmations or mantras you use?" And here is what I answered and that I'd love to share with you relative to this question: To generate the energy from the heart is to ask yourself How you would like to feel - and FIND that feeling, taste that feeling, just for the deliciousness of it..! It can be in general ..and that is what I did with the intentions.. I set an intent to FEEL a certain way the next morning/the next day (that is BEFOREHAND).. but if that feels too advanced.. just ask yourself in the moment (like right now), "how would I love to feel right now?".. and then just find a memory/thought or such that makes you feel that way.. - THAT is generating energy from the heart.. imagining or finding something that reminds you of how it was to feel THAT WAY.. the way you'd love to feel right now.. and BAM.. you're there.. You can do it anytime you like, and as many times a day or an hour as you like.. :))) Have FUN :))) Heart energy is letting the heart lead, your emotions, instead of your mind.. and that is exactly what is done when you just deliberatly CHOOSE a feeling,.. through first asking yourself how you would want to feel.. and then for example finding a memory when you felt that way.. Cuz we ALL have a memory of a certain feeling.. And if you want to feel abundant and then think "I have never had abundance" (for example).. then find a memory where you felt just very happy.. it can be an In Love feeling or such.. cuz that is THE SAME FEELING AS ABUNDANCE.., Feeling really good.. is feeling the feeling of health, abundance, friends, good relationship, etc.. so just find a memory of feeling GOOD.. that is all.. :))) Make it easy for yourself.. :))) Any good feeling memory will do, I mean, in case you try to convince yourself that you have never felt the way you want to right now... That is - the heart energy is just a few seconds away for you!!!! :))) Mantras for heart-opening: Really you can use any mantra, becasue what mantra does is to bring your attention from the mind and to the heart. Mantra is THE BRIDGE, cuz Mantra means both mind and heart, same word "manas" for both - and Mantra is a tool given to bring us to the heart, from where to then act. Any mantra can bring you "from the mind to the heart", since it is a bridge - a tool.. And of course I can suggest a mantra for you if you like - a mantra considered "especially" for opening your heart: "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" Blessed Be and Have FUN.. Having FUN - IS living from the Heart Center too by the way :))) Ps. Some of the intentions I'm setting in the evening, there are examples in the previous post :)))

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