The Two Essentials To Believing In Your Dreams Come True

Several similar questions have come up lately so I'd want to give a general answer about How-To-Start-Trusting. Questions: How can I start trusting my innate guidance system? How can I make it easy for myself to believe in abundance rather than continue thinking about the lack of it, which in itself will keep it out of reach for me? Answer: Regarding how to understand and trust our guidance system - its covered in a previous post, HERE And now I'll explain what is Essential to create a "new desirable belief" about something wanted: The belief of for example "abundance being avaliable for us" (or anything else we desire)- this belief comes gradually with DAILY practice of DELIBERATLY feeling good.. until this practice becomes natural enough for it to turn into an hourly/minutely practice ..which is A HABIT... :))) cuz when doing that you get EVIDENCE which will make it undeniable to believe.. you start to really understand your guidance system and feel your way there.. the feeling of abundace is EQUAL to feel EASE or APPRECIATION.. So start practicing feeling good, ask yourself how you would like to feel and GET THERE emotionally.. and do it consistantely.. THE EVIDENCE of that CONSISTENT practice (FOR the deliciouness you get out of the practice of feeling good only!!!) will bring you to UTTER TRUST and BELIEF... ♥ So, how do I deliberatly feel good? There are alot of practices and processes that can work for you although the Essential ingredients are the following: 1. DECISION that you want to feel good deliberatly! 2. ACTING FROM THE PLACE OF THE DECISION Since number one is in place (the decision) you will be easy on yourself and go gradual and you will start by applying a process or technique for at least 30days in a row. And from there gradually increase your feel-good-ability exponentionally. The more relaxed you are about it, the easier it will be for you to get into a feeling good place. And inlcuded in this decision to feel good deliberatly is that you are letting yourself, everyone and everything "off the hook" - that is you are letting yourself feel good FOR THE AWESOME feeling of EMPOWERMENT. You notice FAST improvement aswell as a knowledge of that you CAN change how you feel about any subject. TRUST and BELIEF will be VERY natural for you when getting a hang of that :))) Have FUN.. and use any process/technique you feel good about.. its not about the technique as such.. its all about the essentials above!!!

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