Emotional Pivoting

Oh My Source, I just pivoted big time.. from feeling kinda slow and bored.. (so it was "going superearly to bed" or making the "effort of aligning"..) ..so I gave it ago with alignment.. Did some changing of focus, and in a matter of minutes I went on to feeling GREAT and INSPIRED.. even started composing some new music and jammin big time... FREAKIN BAM!!! Thats some genuine EMPOWERMENT! Feeling good and energized has nothing to do with how much sleep you get, and I LOVE that!!! Its all about Alignment.. Yum! Oh, btw, tomorrow will be the 20th day IN A ROW, that I wake up before my alarm feeling rested (no matter how many hours of sleep I got) - and it was ON PURPOSE!!! 20 days in a row, on purpose.. NUFF SAID :))))) ♥♥♥ Ps. More on how to feel better in previous blogposts!!! Latest one HERE

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