The Game Continues ~ Master Molder Of Reality :)))))

Oh My Source, I'm so excited about all the mindblowing results of this last "challenge" that I've been enjoying! This is currently my second 108-day "challenge" game, and TODAY I'm on day no.106!!!
And it feels kinda sad that it is near the end.. lol.. NO NOT REALLY,lol.. a new Game is up of course!!! WOOT WOOT!!! The Ball-Of-Fun-Flow continues to roll, and I'm just disguising it into a new Theme and continuing into My 3rd Round of 108 days! Feel Free to Join!!! And if 108 days would seem like "alot", feel free to do a 30day to get the feeling of it ~ it's your own game, you get to choose :))) Very excited about the new Game Theme coming up ~ I'll combine my recent favourite games and apply them during these next 108 days, starting right after this current one :))) Fun Is Up, Feeling So Freaking GOOD, The Universe is Playing with me and I'm in Sheer Delight :))) I'll play around with getting an even deeper TRUST in the Laws Of The Universe, on how to follow my Guidance in a more consistant way. How Awesome Isn't THAT??? :))) Master Molder of My Own Reality !! It IS already a full-on BLAST and it will continue and get even RICHER.. :))) High-10 !!! Ps. There are alot of previous posts describing the past two rounds of 108-days...some samples Day 29 of 1st Round...Day 37 of 1st Round ...Day 51 of 1st Round...Day 86 of 1st Round ...Day 108 of 1st Round...Day 1 of 2nd Round... and the other blue words above are linking to some related posts, about the tricks-for-success, the guidance, the benefit of negative emotions..etc.. feel free check them out!!!


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    1. Loooooove You Right Back :))) Muah!!!

  2. I'm in...on taped in turned on... I want to folow next turn :))) please give me the hint what to jump ;)

    Your an angel

    1. You're soooo welcome, more info up very soon :))) Hugs!!!