Who Did You Pour Appreciation Over Lately - In Person?

I'm madly in love with Appreciation, any form of it :))) Been "using" it as a great feeling tool for quite awhile now, mostly writing about my days and life and people in my life. After starting doing this a few years ago, I'm finding myself to be compliment-prone and appreciative-prone..when it comes to almost ANYTHING. I can find something good about EVERYTHING now. Being able to find something that I genuinly appreciate about any and all situations or people etc is acutally making me feel AMAZING on an everyday basis. It feels like FREEDOM to be able to compliment from the heart, appreciate from the heart - it comes naturally and of course.. it is APPRECIATED by the ones around me too. Right now as a medical student I interact with alot of patients and teachers/tutors on a daily basis and it "generally" is kinda rare when a tutor or a student give eachother positive feedback, even though it's said over and over again to practice it. Last time I heard it in an info lecture where they stressed this - to always give feedback to the tutor after a one-on-one session and ask for feedback back.. the comments from the class was that "it would sound so cheezy" lol.. And I agree, it CAN, but ONLY if it doesn't come naturally. And doens't it feel really lovely when it comes naturally to appreciate something or someone, its a DELIGHT to genuinly appreciate!!! Ever since I began my personal appreciation practice I've ALWAYS given appreciation and positive feedback to my tutors! I'm never giving them a "what you could do better"-feedback to accompny the positive one. I'm ONLY giving the positive. Feels fabulous to do that. And it feels fabulous to know that everyone that gets uplifted, ALWAYS will get better at what they do ANYWAYS. No need to shine any light on the "less good". And a couple of days ago I got the pleasure to meet up with a recent tutor and POUR appreciation and positive feedback over him!!! I've had several really good tutors, and especially I've had good ones AFTER I started my personal appreciation practice. No coincidence since like attracts like, I'm attracting GREAT TUTORS. I've heard alot of "lucky you"'s about this, but really its all about Law Of Attraction. So, I had one of the best tutors yet very recently, and I made a long list of GREAT stuff he did/said etc - and I called him up (in combo with another thing we were discussing) and invited him to take part in it. Actually the list serves me too, as I'll begin to tutor people soon aswell. He was DELIGHTED over the idea and said that I could email him the list if I wanted, but that it would be most fun to meet in person. So we did. And as we sat there pondering all the GREAT stuff, he very naturally gave me a bunch of appreciation back :))) LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. No wonder I felt inclined to share my list with him, so NATURALLY. He couldn't stop saying how GREAT it was what I had done, that he wanted to start doing this as a shortversion-appreciation-feedback with all his students at the end of each session - and asked me to let him copy the list I had written down. This guy is a very new Medical Doctor, yet he is very comfortable in his role AND a great tutor for us "on-the-brink-to-be-Doctors". LOVE being a Natural Appreciator - it feels DELICIOUS :))) Ps. How about some appreciation-feedback with your friends/kids/spouse/work-collegues.. making it a natural part of the relation... start some private practice and start feeling the DELICOUSNESS and the liberation it actually brings... very simple, yet so POWERFUL :))) Ps.2: Picture found on Google Images searching "Appreciating", check it out here :)))