My Life IS Comedy !!!

Wow, I don't know which day I'm on, but it's probably around Day 10 of 108 of the new Challange (details HERE)!!! And I've been playing around with setting my feeling-intention..(My Intention Game is described here) which is totally blowing my mind and making me wonder Why-Didn't-I-Start-This-Hilariousness earlier LOL!!! I'm experiencing so many completely hilarious things I don't know where to begin..and its really coming in concentrated form.. (many things each day since the first day I began to experiment with my own Intention Game) ...alot of it is SITCOM.. I mean the situation is SO FREAKIN comic, and it kinda would need some backgroud to describe it.. What I love about it is that - Alot of times it seems really personally-adapted for me LOL.. like "an inside joke"... There is ALOT of laughter, even with people I've never met before - lotsa FUN "misunderstandings" and COOL interactions and encounters.. just hilarious stuff going on!!! I'm sticking with the "FUN"-intention for a while more..LOL.. it just is TOO MUCH FUN to change it into any of the others yet.. (for details click HERE) Well, really all of those great feelings are a part of my day too, but the HILARIOUS things going on - its just TOO FUNNY to want to focus on something else.. My life IS a Comedy right now, and I'm MEGA-AMUSED and BIG-TIME-APPRECIATIVE of this Universe litterarily PLAYING AROUND with me and laughing along with me.. it's obvious that this Universe knows me intimatly LOL cuz all the jokes are RIGHT-ON-TARGET!!! ADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING BEING ME :))) Thank You Thank You Thank You, Muah!!!! Ps. Some of the awesome stuff I've mentioned HERE :)))

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