How Am I Accomplishing All This ?

Day11 ~ FUN-PACKED-DELUX day..lol.. beginning eager .. great feeling yoga practice and lovely breakfast.. then heading to Borås, asked to pay on the bus but they wouldnt let me lol.. so I got to ride the bus for free.. and just before we arrived at the hospital I'm looking out the window of the bus seeing a TREE HOUSE in one of the large trees beside the road LOL!!! Then I went to Neo and wow, ...there was a baby VERY obviously getting worse according to the x-ray .. but was VERY obviously improving (we noticed when examining him..) LOL.. THAT was funny!!! Even the grumpy doctor had to laugh while he noticed and concludingly said it.. LOL.. And when getting coffee there was some hilarious language stuff.. I was getting the milk out and the danish doctor said Better check if its fresh.. but the danish word for fresh is the same word as the swedish one meaning the opposite of sick/ill ..LOL.. so the nurse and I began to laugh.. and we had to explain it to the danish doctor..lol.. Later on me and Jonathan had a good laugh over lunch.. and then when in the elevator he pressed the mirror in the back of it - and it made a sound like a little baby dog..LOL.. too much fun.. we laughed hard.. and then on our way back to Neo we noticed that one part of the floor in the corridor was pure glass.. so we saw the corridor underneath and it was FUN walking on it..since it felt like we were walking in the air and were going to fall through anytime soon.. TOO FUNNY LOL.. and then more fun in the afternoon.. lotsa laughter.. and on my way back with the bus..I look out the window about half way to Gothenburg when a car passes.. with the license plate spelling KUL (swedish word for FUN).. One of the BEST days ever.. LOL.. SUPER FUN PACKED!!! Ps. this was just some of the fun of today.. really, LOL.. How much fun can happen in a day.. I'm about to see.. its getting more and more fully PACKED..lol :)))) How am I accomplishing this amount of fun?? Details HERE :)))

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