Are You Living Your Own "Happy Ending" ?

STORY MAKING :))) I recently came over a post about how a compelling novel is made... and it struck me that it's an excellent tool when in a situation where you wish for a "happy ending" ... then just start to play out the desired outcome of the story you're currently living. I've been enjoying this before but not until now I got a structure for it that made me even more inspired to make all kindsa situations into mini-stories that I can choose an ending to!!! In LOVE with this idea.. cuz when it seems like I'm writing a story which is compelling, I am SEEING... I'm getting more AWARE of how interesting my own life actually is. I'm seeing it in a different way and its wonderful to create my own desired endings... So the basic structure of this story-making you can find HERE. And only by going through that structure you can take ANY current or past situation and find out which is the "stasis", the "trigger", the "quest", the "surprice" etc.. of that current part of your life... and then add to it the "critical desicion", "the climax", the "reversal" and the "resolution". So it starts with an Every-Day-Situation as the "Stasis" and ends with the desired new improved "Stasis" which is the "Resolution". So you can start building the story however you like it. And since the "Surprice"-part of the story is the bulk of it, you can even choose a situation that seemingly has already ended....you just have the "last ending" (which was not desirable) as part of the challanges and such in the "Surprice" part... I'm ON it, I've made sketches for TWO situations already today, one about a certain relationship and one about finances. It felt FABULOUS. So, if inspired.. go ahead you too!!! I'm on fire with this, so excited. And since I now know that Laws Of Physics are consistent, this means that if I get to FEEL as if this desired outcome is the Next Logical Step... more or less... then something very similar to my own desired ending, will actually start to become my experience.. How can it get more exciting than this??? LOL Woooooooohoooooo!!! Soaring On Wings :))) Oh Btw; have you read my post about the Benefits Of Negative Emotion, you can find it by clicking HERE.

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