Day 52 of 108 ~ Gosh, The Wonderfullest Of Dreams {includes new Instructions}

My 52nd Day today ~ or something like that... counting the exact number of the day doesn't feel that important at this time :))) Almost Half Way, and Time Moves FAST when having fun.. I've come up with a YUMMY addition to the basic scheduale (click HERE) that I really like :))) I've added a "TREASURE HUNT" at the end of the day, including crowning The BEST Of Today. I'm getting great results with this addition so feel free to incorporate it in your daily "feel-awesome-scheduale" :))) So, how is it done? Before I do the Evening Intention Game (see instructions HERE) I'm doing the Treasure Hunt Game, which consists in scanning through the day that has passed and remember all the GEMS.. and savoring the GREAT FEELING filling me as I notice these wonderful things/situations/comments.. (it can be anything that I experienced that felt good, big or small thing has no relevance.. its about how it felt as it happened) Alright, so as I go through these and feel fabulous.. I then get to CROWN one of them as The BEST of Today and I write it down ~ and I Feel The Deep Appreciation Of This No.1 Thing Of this Day!!! THIS "exercise" sets a MAGNIFICENT BASIS to continue doing the Intention Game,just before sleep. AND, it gives the WONDERFULLEST OF DREAMS :))) Yum Yum Yum!!!

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