Celebrating Everything

Having such a BLAST with (what I call) The Bounce Technique, I'm really enjoying it as well as getting fast results!!! Get all the details to start doing it yourself HERE! The past few days I've been extra joyous and extra high-flying and I owe it to this marvelous exercise, it's so simple yet so effective. It's one of my absolute favorite pass-times :))) Savoring the moments and singing in the rain!!! So sweet to live like this. I've been dreaming very cozy and joyous dreams too, and I remembered them even with pretty much detail - and I noticed myself thinking to myself in the dream and kind of "in charge of myself". Harmonious and Delicious. Loved that. My favorite kind of days are the ones where I sing while doing the "chores", where there is a "I'm really looking forward too it" feeling before I take on anything. I am enjoying myself on an every minute basis, that's very sweet.
Thank you Genius Universe, I adore you! Surprises and Delights All Day and Every Day. Yum!!!

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