Day SIX ~ IN LOVE !!!

It's Day 6 of my new Challenge!!! (details HERE) And I'm in LOVE with it!!! The fine tuning and the Bounce Technique is awesome, I'm really ENJOYING and having LOTS OF FUN with it!! Getting delicious results already! :))) I'm also on the Fitness Challenge as I tipped you guys about in a recent post! Today has been absolutely LOVELY! Here's some of the GOOD stuff of my day!!!
~ Appreciation Morning (details HERE)
~ 2h Yoga Practice, today Ashtanga Yoga
~ Singing
~ Smoothie (making it while singing)
~ Writing The "Bounce" Exercise - YUM!! (for details see details for the last challenge HERE)
~ Fitness Challenge yoga practice (30 minute cardio today)
~ Meditation (15min)
~ Play with my son
~ Making DELICIOUS Brownie (Raw) and sharing with loved ones... Oh My!!! Sharing recipe in the next post ~ check it out HERE!
... and the day is not over yet :)))) I'm ENJOYING life to the fullest, ADORING this Challenge!!! Woooohoooooooo!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE :))) Read more about it, click HERE!!!

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