Delightful Mind Anytime--Anywhere ~ On Purpose

This morning has been a pure delight! And this is what happens during these challenges, and beyond! it just gets better and better all the time, and influencing the improvements with these techniques is such an ENJOYABLE experience, and SUPER-MEGA-EFFECTIVE :))) This morning I woke up with my heart singing, and did some appreciation practice (see details HERE), then a powerful yoga practice (1h) and some meditation (15min)... made a chocolate treat and a smoothie.. and as I checked my email I noticed I had gotten a free yoga class link ~ so I did a powerful kundalini sequence thanks to GaiamTV (for the link see next post, HERE) ... I've not even arrived at lunch yet, so there are lotsa yummies left to enjoy...haven't even done the MAGNIFICENT "Bounce" writing exercise yet (more on it, click HERE)!!!... but hey, OH MY how delicious this morning has been!!! Wishing you the SAME :))) ENJOY!!! Muah!

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