Such A Sweet Life ~ On Purpose!!!

Sweet Challenge-Times :))) I'm adoring these challenges, it keeps me on my toes to be as picky and as high-flying as I LOVE being. I LOVE living like this and knowing that I can feel and have this experience ON PURPOSE. I can decide myself how to feel and when, I can decide what I want to experience and make way for any preferred situation I'd love. Mind blowing indeed. I've been experimenting with my mind and how happy I can be (genuinely happy that is!) under any and all cirumstances ~ and how this universe works - that is, if I get a say in what's going on with me and around me... And I've understood I'm more powerful and influential than I ever could imagine!!! I can mold my life experience ON PURPOSE. Ain't that MAGNIFICENT? Ain't that UTTER EMPOWERMENT :))) I'm calling it Self-Empowerment-Delux!!! Are you participating in the latest challenge? Read more about it HERE!!! I'm sharing it all with you, so feel free to join in anytime!!!
Ps. Today I was inspired by my artist friend Lee Ann to make an acrylic painting, it was pure delight!!! Thank You Lee Ann :)))


  1. wow i love the painting
    i love the colors
    i love the form
    i love the texture
    i love the artiste
    thanks for sharing

    1. Wow, thanks for this wonderful comment!!!