{Love Made} Raw "Fruit Leather" Candy

Day 20 of the Get-Ready-For-Excellence Challenge!!! Time passes so quickly while having fun and feeling awesome :))) I'm adoring these challenges, they make me focus on a daily basis on how I want to feel and experience, in a way that my reality molds into it! It's a delight to first feel it and then witness the deliciousness of it!!! Click HERE for all of the details, and feel free to join in anytime!!!
Yesterday I prepared to make "Fruit Leather" Candy, a raw variation, and since it was first attempt, it was pretty exciting to see how it would turn out. I had actually made some raw ice cream that my son wanted for dessert, he helped me out and decided the ingredients - and he insisted on using fruits only and not adding any honey/agave or such. So, that was the way it went. Raspberries + Strawberries + Banana, where the banana was fresh and the berries frozen. Used a food processor with an S-blade to blend it into an ice cream consistency. Then he ate some and saved some to eat as a puree later on... While I spread out the rest on a non-stick baking sheet to put in the owen on the lowest temperature... to make the candy out of it! Use a dehydrator if you have one, and if not - you'll need to open the oven to let the humidity out every once in a while... :)))
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Ingredients {IceCream/FruitPuree/FruitLeather}
3/4 of a cup (approx 2 dl) Frozen Raspberries
3/4 of a cup (approx 2 dl) Frozen Strawberries
1/2 Fresh Banana
Coconut Oil to grease the baking sheet, if needed
When I could peel off the "leather" from the baking sheet, I cut it into straps and rolled them up to store in a glass jar. Yummy snack, and I love to let it melt in my mouth...
Made some Raw chocolate-chip cookies today too, it'll be the next post!!! Have a GORGEOUS DAY!!! And you can find yesterdays raw cheesecake recipe by clicking HERE, and a raw version of Pasta Alfredo, creamy sauce HERE... Super Easy Raw "Oatmeal" Breakfast HERE ...Raw Chai Flavored Chia Pudding , Quick&Easy Walnut Mince - A Substitute for Minced Meat and more... , Delicious RAW Brownie ENJOY :)

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