{Love Made} Raw Pasta Alfredo

I'm loving creamy pasta, and this one ~ the raw version of "Pasta Alfredo" is VERY tasty :))) There are quite a few recipes online, but also very similar... Some add truffle-olive-oil or exchange the cashews for hemp seeds. Anyhow, this is how I made it:
Peeled Zucchini made into spagetti/fettuccini or similar using whatever tools you've got. A peeler works fine. I used a "turning slicer". And I used about a third of a regular sized zucchini per person (it's individual how much you want, but to know approximately).
Sauce (Serves 1-2)
1 dl (approx half a cup) cashews
3/4 dl water, I added first 1/2 dl and then some more to get desired thickness
1 tablespoon lemon juice
garlic to taste (raw garlic is stronger in taste, so I'm actually using a very small amount, just a few thin slices of a clove)
salt & pepper to taste
other extras to taste(optional) olive oil, truffle-olive-oil
topping (optional) ~ parsley, dill, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seed etc
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I used a food processor with an S-blade to mix the ingredients. When all mixed, I poured it over the pasta and gave it a stir to cover it all. Then added the toppings, today I chose dill and hemp seeds.
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