Day 4 ~ This Moldable Reality Rocks - Fastest Results Ever On All Kinds Of Subjects!

"These are the fastest 'real time' results I've ever experienced [with molding reality, on purpose]."
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Today is Day 4 of the current challenge ~ Reality-Molding-Extravaganza! I knew what it was about when naming it as always, I had been testing it out. And kazaam what a magnificent one this time!!! I've never been so satisfied with a process of allowing as this one.... and well, it always gets better so gotta brace myself for whats coming now!!! Sheer joy and confidence, and everything about life is so freakin MOLDABLE! In LOVE with this new process, so easily done and in no time... feeling acquired and on the heels, the evidence! Well really, the first evidence is always when finding a kind of relief, a better feeling about the subject. But now when I say evidence, I mean the "touchable" or similar, depending on the subject! These are the fastest "real time" results I've ever experienced. Near to EACH one I've done (some days I've used it on several subjects) - has already come into FORM, which means I don't "only know it" or feel it... it is ALREADY "alive" and present in my experience :) I mean, I've been able to create a fabulous feeling on all subjects in pretty short times before, and the "real time" is always following sooner or later... but this time it really has shown in a couple of minutes, in a couple of hours. The longest one took somewhat less than 2 days until I noticed it as "done in real time". Fastest Results Ever, on all kinds of subjects!!! And now I mean, that this is all DELIBERATE molding, on purpose!!! It's A LOT of FUN... naturally :)))

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