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Oh My, feeling the benefits of this new challenge - "Reality Molding Extravaganza" (details click HERE), feeling fabulous :))) And this morning I did FOUR different raw food snacks/desserts, cause I really LOVE having these really delicious treats ready to enjoy anytime :))) I made a new batch of the superyummy cheesecake (recipe HERE) where I changed it some and added some ginger-cookie-flavor to the crust, and as last time I made portions in muffin cups (these can then be divided in smaller bites if desired, cause it's quite filling)!!! And the ginger-cookie-inspired base was incredible - ALOT better than the regular crust recipe... OMG!!! Then I made brownies, which I shaped into smaller cookie-sizes to store in the freezer. I also made another kind of dessert with cashew-ice-cream and blueberry-cardamom-ice-cream layered on top of eachother.. And finally I made some delicious balls of almond and hazelnut dough filled with strawberry puree :) The inspiration for the recipe was found HERE, which I modified a little bit :)
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Sounds like it would have taken alot of time, huh? There recipes are REALLY quickly made. I prepared the amounts of everything beforehand, but not cause of the time, but cause I was inspired last night and it was too late to turn on the blender and make noise :))) Alright, here comes the recipe for the strawberry-filled-yummy-bites!
1/2 cup (approx 1dl) almonds
1/2 cup hazelnuts
2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon water
1/2 cup strawberries + 1 teaspoon grinded flax seed
Shredded coconut
Begin with the strawberries and the grinded flax seed, using a blender to mix them, then let it sit while making the dough: Make a flour of the nuts in a blender (I used one with an S-blade). Then add honey and water - blend until sticking together. Remove from the blender and form/roll into a log and cut in desired sizes, rolling them into balls. Make a hole in each in which to pour some filling. Fill them all with the strawberry-flax-seed puree and coat the dough part with coconut flakes. READY to enjoy!!!
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