Newbie 30 Day Challenge

Welcome Newbies :)))
30 Day Challenge For Newbies: First of all, set an intent to have as much fun as you are able to while doing this, these are no "chores" but a wonderful way to explore yourself and this Universe. Also: Do an alternative exercise where you create a habit of automatically appreciating! Where you make before-bed and first-thing-in-the-morning the priority of doing this exercise. The challenge is to do this for 30 days without fail :))) When new, it is sometimes needed to push yourself a little to focus on this, but that IS part of the challenge. Though, one of the most important things of this exercise is to make yourself deliberately feel a bit BETTER than you just did. Which means, from ANY state of being.
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General Exercise for beginners ~ make an intent that during this challenge notice when you engage in conversation that does not please you, and in a gentle way leave it in any way you can. This is something that will benefit immensely on all areas. See it as an opportunity to enhance your experience rather than a way to point out what you might do wrong. It IS a fun opportunity in this process to learn and get good at molding your own reality into a preferred one, in all areas. Have fun with it.
Alternative During-The-Day Exercise [Written] Remind yourself at least 3 times each day, set your alarm on your phone or similar, and write a list of things that you appreciate about the part of the day that has passed, or what is about to come. It can even be (if you're at an office) to appreciate your colleagues, your pen, your computer, your break, a compliment you got, a glance, that work is over for the day... etc)... Find ANY thing, and please feel free to choose the simplest of things and which makes you feel at least a tiny bit lighter/happier when thinking about it..
Alright, have fun ~ and enjoy these exercises daily without fail for 30 days in a row :)))
NOTE: I'm sharing this from my own experiments, experiences and insights ~ which I then condens to exercises and before I share them I know why and how they work. And I'm applying it daily for a period of time, and sharing this with you for your inspiration. Individual Coaching is available, and these challenges are mostly a way of making coaching available for anyone, no matter economy. This is also why most participators are choosing to donate some money. Some regularly, some spontaneously ~ the amount is not important, the positive feedback is clear either way. Feel Free to do it the way you're most inspired to!!! (Paypal charges a percentage for the transfer, but it will be charged of the money donated and not on top) So I'd like to give lots of THANKS ~ to everyone who has participated already and everyone who will participate!! I really LOVE the feedback I get from YOU when sharing my experiences and insights and the exercises that I'm currently doing ~ feedback in all forms like: enjoying the challenge, spreading the word, sharing it in social media, writing comments, giving donations (clicking the donation-button on the left hand side column), writing blogs about it, linking to my blog... and so on!!!
Lotsa LOVE to ALL of YOU :))) I'm feeling the appreciation flowing!!!

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