Theme 2013 ~ Playfully-Invincible :)))

Alright, so the hype is on because the "new year" is up! So, what's up with this year... GREAT it will be of course... AND as I'm loving feeling good, no-matter-what, and molding reality on purpose... I thought I'd take advantage of this and squeeze all the fun out of it as I possibly can :))) ... The theme of this new period of life, The Year Of 2013 as it's called, I'll dedicate it to my fullest ability to feeling Playfully-Invincible. It sounds like a magnificent year to me, indeed :))) So that's my intention. And since I've done this before, even daily intention settings, keeping to them for the fun of experiencing the delightful results... I'm convinced this will be a wonderful period because of it! And just on the heels on my current wonderful experience!! The "Made My Day!" Challenge continues 10 days more, and I'm enjoying EVERY MOMENT of it, delicious challenge!!! Definitely the most crazily EFFECTIVE I've ever experienced, feeling more invincible than ever ~ so what's the best logical next step... yes that's right, explore the feeling of invincibility fully in a playified way... I cannot think of any better way to enjoy the new year to come! High-10 to myself, and feel free to join in ~ Choose the Theme you'd love to live and if you're new... Appreciation is an awesome theme-starter... and do it in smaller segments to make it feel manageable! :))) I've done several challenges of 108-days, so THAT feels manageable for me to start with, and then let's move on from there when that day comes :)))
It's supposed to be FUN and not any kind of "extra chore"...so manageable is first priority.. I'm having FUN with this, and feeling WONDERFULLY FABULOUS ... on purpose!!! Wishing the same for you!!
Happy Invincibility Year :)))

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