Playified !!!

Playify is my new favorite word, or well, actually the meaning of it is my favorite way to enjoy life! Playify means to make something ordinary into something extraordinary, to "Make My Day!" (click HERE for more info!) There are so many wonderful ways to make the day more special, and there is no end to the fun either... so many details to play around with - to Playify!!! And the easiest way to playify is to already decide that the day will be fun and enjoyable.. then it comes naturally to playify! And when you want to playify to cheer the day up, it's not a lot different, just needed some momentary intent from your part. You feel less good than you want? Then intend to playify what's currently going on, or the current maybe boring task... And BAM, you created some delight for yourself... :))) I love to playify my day intentionally, beforehand, becasue then I get playified surprises during the day, and it's a lot of fun to experience. And well, if forgetting to make the intention beforehand... no problem, I can always playify spontaneously and that's fun to! It can be as simple as noticing you feel a bit less joyous than wanting to and make it a "game" to find relief, to find the feeling place you'd love... That's playifying "catching yourself" and reap the benefits of it in a playified way :))) What's your favorite ways to Make Your Day? To make the small things delightful and your day wonder-full ? :))) Playify is my subject of RAMPAGE of this day, YUM!!! It's the essence of a joyful life experience ♥

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