Easy-Made & Yummy Cherry-Nectarine Cobbler (Raw)

Summer is such a wonderful time! And food-wise, there's usually a lot of fresh tasty fruits and veggies in the stores, ripe and ready to eat. Got a few boxes of fresh cherries the other day and felt inspired to do something extraordinary with them, and it reminded me of someone doing a cherry cobbler with fresh cherries when there was none to be found where I'm at. But, NOW, I've got loads of fresh lovely cherries, so why not go ahead. I chose to add in some nectarine too.. yum!
Cherry Nectarine Cobbler (serves 2 or more, pretty large portions)
2 nectaries, pitted and cut
fresh pitted cherries (approx 500gr unpitted)
16 fresh pitted dates
1dl almonds
a few pinches of cardamom
a pinch or two of salt
ginger-cookie-spicemix (optional)
fresh myntha leaves (optional)
Starting with the "crust", I blended dates with almonds (in a blender) and added salt and cardamom (and some ginger-cookie-spice-mix). When ready I put approx half of it divided in two bowls (the rest of the crust is used later on), and added some freshly cut nectarine and some pitted fresh cherries on top.
Then making the sauce, blending some cherries and some nectarine with approx half of the remaining crust to a somewhat thick sauce... pouring it over the fresh fruit. Topping this sauce with the remaining crust and the rest of the fruit... and I added a few small fresh myntha-leaves too...
Simple as that, ENJOY!!!

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