Yay ~ A Free Yoga Class ! {Video}

Yay! ~ finally, due to high demand, I've (amateurly) recorded a yoga sequence for y'all! It's a 25 minute sequence to Refresh Yourself. A Multi Purpose Sequence! It can be used as a morning yoga, pre-work yoga, yoga-break yoga, an afternoon yoga, a pre-decision-making yoga, clear-overwhelment yoga...and so on. Anytime you want to feel calm & together, yet clear minded for "important decisions" or similar - this is an excellent sequence for you.
The sequences includes some optional variations, which can be used for longer holds ~ in that case, just pause the video and savor some more time in those poses!
Most people have been asking for short sequences to do when feeling overwhelmed, shattered, tired, mind-fuzzy or to "be-at-their-best" at work and at home ~ so here you go!
NOTE First Low-Lunge is with the Right foot forward - to make sense of the rest of the cues.
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