{Love Made} Raw Organic Crackers

Improvised crackers (Inspiration from Javier Medvedovsky and Renee Voltaire)

Love, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Pumkin Seeds, Thai Spices, Basil, Thymes, Trocomare (Herbal Salt).. feel free to add whatever spices you feel like, like garlic and rosemary.. Renee uses chopped dry tomatoes.

Put all ingredients together and let them soak in some water to marinade for a few hours. The flax seeds will make the added water "thick" and that will keep the whole thing together after drying.
When thick - spread it out with love and let dry at the lowest temperature in the regular oven over night (if you don't have the "Raw Food Oven").
Make sure it's dry before making them into cracker size. And the "left overs" can be sprinkled over any salad, sandwich or pasta..

Enjoy with avocado, your favourite spread or natural!

Ps. Javier uses raw crackers to make many delicious things, like "raw burgers" with cashew-cheese, gucamole, lettuce and tomatoes..yum..

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