Isn't it great when you feel playful and filled with inspiration? Thats the spirit to make anything a joyous experience.

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a Satsang* by a Swami* who said that life is like a game. And by that time I had heard it before more than once, but that day it clicked somehow. It made me feel more alive resonating deep inside of me.

I thought about it again, recently.
What if life really is a Game? What if this reality that seems and feels so extreamly Real, is like a computer game? A game that ends with a Game Over on a Screen and can be restarted again - eternally. You just choose a caracter and then go for whatever happens to it. And the game is so well made that you forget it isn't really Real... Wouldn't that be awesome? Wouldn't that make you fall head over heals in love with the Universe?!

I love how that kind of thoughts make me feel free and safe. Free and fearless. Vibrantly alive and energetic. The feeling of having space for playfulness, leaving the stiff fearbased seriousness behind. Satisfied with where I am and knowing that I can do anything I'd set my mind to.

I want to live a rich and joyous life, a life that feels good deep within. A life filled with spontaneous song, dance and celebration. Enjoying each moment and diving into every new adventure with an eager and open mind.


* Simplified meanings of
Satsang: Q & A with a Master teacher
Swami: a title given in some yoga traditions to someone who has mastery over his own mind

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