Lovingkindness {with a meditation}

One of the benefits of creating well-being for yourself trough your mind is Lovingkindness.

Lovingkindness is a beautiful state of being. Some say it's our natural state, what happens naturally when we don't resist - when we let go to just Be.
It's the state where you feel Flow, where you feel at ease and calm. At ease with all being, all relationships and all situations around you. The feeling of "All is Well".

What I love to do is feeding my mind healthy ways of thinking and beautiful things to look at. Like I love to feed my body delicious and nutricious foods and drinks, my mind is equally feed trough the thoughts I think, the stuff I read and what I lay my eyes on.
As my body thrives on good fuel, so does my mind. And the reward is health, energy, joy and lovingkindness. A happy loving version of me.


Turn off your phone etc.
Sit comfortably crosslegged on a folded blanket or in a chair. Make sure to be comfortable and sit with a straight spine. Lengthen your upper body, open your chest trough shrugging your shoulders up and back so your shoulderblades come closer together.
Let your palms come together infront of your heart and set an Intention for your practice or dedicate it to someone (it could be to yourself).
Then place your hands comfortably on your thighs or knees with palms up (receving mode). Keep your shoulders rolled back so your chest is open.
Close your eyes almost all the way, so you still can see your nose tip.
Take three deep breaths to then recite three times out loud:

"May I be filled with Lovingkindness
May I be radiating vibrant health
May I feel clearminded and at ease
May I feel joy and wake up each morning with a smile"

Then continue to recite quietly as long as you feel good about it. It could be 5 minutes or longer. Find the feeling place of this as you recite.

Close the meditation by taking a deep breath and then folding the palms together at your heart, feeling the difference in your state of mind and thank yourself for doing it.

Continue everyday for 30days and notice the difference in your daily state of being. Be easy and playful about it! Enjoy it!

Love and Light

Ps: The Rose in the picture is a gift and reminds me of the 1st Mother's Day of my life


  1. Thank you for this wonderful meditation. I just tried it out for the first time of hopefully many!