Diversity Celebration

Something I often used before as an excuse to complain and feel bad (= not being a Loving Version of me) was Others. Their ways, their decisions, their attitudes, their choices.

What's interesting now is how that very same thing makes me bow in reverence of the choices I have - and we all have.
Not only that I now completely love the diversity of choices of lifestyle, food, stuff, transportation etc. I'm filled with infinite apprechiation for the fact that we are not all the same. We are different. That's Rich! And worth celebrating!

Like the diversity of Nature and its variety of Beings, everyone of us is Unique. We have our own preferences and specific talents. We are All so very Special!
So the actions, choices and preferences of Others that we feel are the most inappropriate or appropriate, are the same ones we can use for more clarity when shaping our own life.

I praise the diversity in cultures, in actions, in behaviours, in looks, in interests, in books, in music, in climates, in shoes, in hairstyles, in hobbies, in treatments for illness... Oh, I could go on and on... Not to mention that new things add themselves to the selection every moment.

I adore that it's about deciding what You want to pick out for your Unique self. And I love the feeling of letting others pick and choose aswell. We are all beautifully Unique. There will be no "real" shortage.

I bow in Reverence to the Abundance of the Universe, to our uniqueness and feel deep inside that All is actually more than Well!

Love and Light,

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