{Love Made} Organic Apple Chutney with Roasted Almonds

[all Organic for Taste, yum!]

2 Apples
2 Onions, small ones
2 Bay leaves
Mint leaves (about 2-3)
Umeboshi Vinegar
Apple cider Vinegar
1 tasty dried apricot (chopped in tiny pieces)
1 tsp olive oil

8 sultanas
Pepper & Herbal Salt to taste
approx 12 Roasted Almonds (crush them before adding them)

Chop the onions and let them fry in olive oil, then add chopped apples, herbs, apricot, vinegars and water (I didn't mesure, but vinegars and water together could have been less than 1/2 dl?).
Stir with Love at low heat and when the apples start to get softer...add sultanas, herbal salt and pepper to taste. Take the pan off the heat and add the crushed roasted almonds.

This Chutney variation was delicious together with some SourCream and coconut sprinkled on top... I enjoyed it as a part of a simple Quinoa Sallad (Red Quinoa, Cucumber, Tomato, Olive Oil, Herbal Salt and some Brie - all Organic for taste)... yum!

Lots of Love,

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