Sun Celebration

Today my son had an appointment and I was sure it was at 14 so we came two hours early. First I got somewhat bothered (old habit), but then I remembered my intent and quickly decided to do the absolutly best of it.

Only a few blocks a way I found a beautiful spot in the grass under a smaller tree. It gave just enough shade to place my son there, aswell as just enough sunlight shining trough for a comfy tempered yoga session.

As if I had pressed Play, my son fell asleep so I could do my practice. It was a gourgeous feeling to have the sun right in front so I opened my heart to it in a series of backbends. Then ended with some quieting poses, for that lingering serene post-yoga feeling. Quickly checked on my son, who was still asleep (yay!) and took some time to enjoy meditation.

The "mistake" I made by leaving more that two hours earlier than needed made this day a gourgeous one. An opportunity for celebration.

Back home I had some apples and in this (still) inspired state...decided to do a Chutney variation... which turned out delicious.. yum..! It'll be the next post!

Love and Light,

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