Feeling Undeniably Invincible


The past month or so, I've been highly honored to watch some fabulous improvements in my life experience coming into place.

As this experiment moves along, I've become more and more skilled in creating my life ~ on top of having been feeling Quite Amazing for quite a long time now.

The new platform I've come to, has been another eye-opener for me of how powerful these techniques I'm using, really are.

For some reason I've been having my foot slightly on the breaks still, trough feeding my thoughts habits (beliefs) about "Reality IS and Cant Be Changed".. which I've leared it CAN, but have been keeping forgetting about it.. hee hee... Rather funny when looking back on the "seemingly very SOLID relities" I acctually have changed...

I really have accomplished magnificent things (including considered Impossible ones) and not even trough witnessing these things I have been completely "satisfied".
And now I've understood why ~ it's simply because this high level I've gotten to keeps getting Normal to me as I go along!

It now feels "Normal" for me to accomplish beyond-words - and as I move along to things that seem "bigger" (read: Even More Impossible)... well, then I'm at the same as last time.. "This very thing, that I'd really would like.. might be too much to ask for"....

Alright, so there is where I've been until quite recently.. and the eye-opener that followed has been Exquisite!! I now have understood that it really is EASY. And that I will MASTER it.


I'm on my way to mastery and it is sucha Delicious Journey!

I have proved to myself that I can change the way I feel, under even seemingly extreme circumstances.

I have proved to myself that I can change outcomes trough changing the way I feel.

And I'm now starting to be able to change outcomes - under "even seemingly extreme/impossible circumstances".


And why is this possible, you might ask? Becasue what this experiment has been about, to one part, has been to figure out if there really are "LAWS" that govern what I draw to myself as experiences/people/situations/money etc... And it all points at that there is a LAW... and equal to the Law Of Gravity.. it "works" EVERY SINGLE TIME..

Finding out the "HOW" and you got it ALL, at your fingertips!

This all is sucha High. I completely ADORE my life and I ADORE how I am the CREATOR of myself in it!!! And being able to - on top of that- Master it.. is Beyond Words... I'm IN LOVE with this Universe and this Game Of Life! Genious!

So as this moves on, I've gone from feeling Very-Good to Fabulous to Beyond-Words and it has become "Normal".. On top of that (if that in itself would not be enough..lol..) I'm getting to live my Dreams...

And this morning I felt INVINCIBLE as I started my day. How about that to accompany Breakfast..?? :)))

Awe.... :)))

Having a BadAss Experience ~ Complete Bliss ~ Can't-Stop-Smiling Fully-Reveling-In-It ♥ Fabulous!!!

A morning like this calls for a beyond-words continuation of this already wonderful day... Yay!!!

Love You - MUAH!!!!


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