Making Room For What I Love

How do you feel about cleaning, washing the dishes, paying bills and things like that? Does that bore you? Does it feel like a "must" that you need to drag yourself trough? Interestingly I've found a very effective way to feel even EXCITED about doing things I previously thought were kinda boring :))) I've been adding a second thing to the task, that I can do meanwhile. Personally, I love to sing and to practice singing ~ which is perfectly well combined with doing something else... So I put on some music or a recording with vocal excersises, and since I really LOVE singing - I kinda do the cleaning without noticing. And NOW, when I see there is something that needs to be put in order, or I see the dishes pile up (usually they don't pile up anymore actually)... I associate it with the joyous task of singing...and that I get to spend time doing one of the things I really LOVE doing - so there is NO resistance in me anymore to make it happen... Voila! :) So, I've Made Room for Singing in my busy scheduale.. and I've got a Effortlessly Clean and Tidy House, as a Bonus :))) Laid the basis for a JOYOUS Heart, Mind, Body and Soul... Cannot be much better, can it? :) Ps. I've got a Vacuum Robot, so I can do the floors when I'm doing something NICE (+ wherever I fancy doing it)... That's what I call Honoring-What-I-Love-Doing :)))

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