Tricks For Kick-Ass Genious Experience

Simply adoooooooooring how easy the Abe Teachings are to apply, when getting a hang of it.. And what MAGNIFICENT results it brings :) Developed my own approach to it, out of the insights I've got applying it...And as my own experiment, I've been blown away by the results!!! Like putting on a magic cape, savouring the moment and KNOWING that Things Will ALWAYS work out for you ~ Forever... Kick-Ass-Genious!!!! Thank You Universe, Love You, Muah!!!! :)))
Ps. Picture found through Google Pictures searching for "Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly."


  1. I LOVE that cartoon....get cape...wear cape....fly....hahahahaha...I am laughing and smiling so much right now because that is really how simple it is....just grab a cape, put it on and then start flying....wow....what a concept huh?!? Love it!!!

    1. LOL, I knoooooow, It is simply GENIOUS :)))

  2. LOL, I knoooooow, It is simply GENIOUS :)))