Day 18 of My Intention Game ~ yesterday ~ LOL, lotsa fun and lotsa interesting dynamics happened this day .. saw (another) two interesting license plates (click here to read about the other ones I've seen recently).. one saying "JEU" that means Game in French and is the first part of my name... the other one said "TRO" which means Faith or Trust in Swedish... Also had a VERY NICE bouncy-bumpy-ride with the bus..lol.. and a classmate began laughing at my reaction to the bouncy ride..lol.. I was delighted by it and she laughed at my delighted reaction and said "you are sooo funny"... and started telling me about her son saying shes "childish" and she had said "but how boring it would be to grow up and also grow grumpy".. and he took her hands and started to dance with her right then and there LOL.. (he's 12yrs old now).. She got totally delighted :))) LOVED to rendez-vous with this playful side of this ... actually kinda "taking stuff seriously" woman :)))) WONDERFUL In the afternoon I had a kinda surpricing and interesting experience in many ways.. it was kinda contrasty but turned quickly into something ease and funfilled and very "co-operative-components".. so I kinda suspect it was a fun combo of letting desires of all involved come true in a surpricing disguise LOL.. Oh My Source.. so many FUN things and experiences and SITCOMS are happening.. I need to jot it down in the moment to remember ALL of it.. So DARN COOL :))) Ps. The License Plates from this day describe very well what I'm currently up to: "The GAME of FAITH/TRUST in the Univerese".. (Details HERE).. How about THAT??? LOL.. FREAKIN-YUM!!!

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