Fun & Crazyish

Day 13 ~ Fabulous, this morning as I was heading for lecture I saw ANOTHER car with a license plate saying "FUN", this time in english.. and since it was parked I took a pic w my mobile phone..lol.. THIRD license plate spelling FUN I've seen in less than 8days (first two times they said "KUL" which is the same word but in swedish).. ( see previous posts, like to the latest one HERE ) I am IN LOVE with my Intention Game.. !!!!!! Feel Free To Join ~ Details click HERE :))) Then as I reached the hospital entrance a lil guy (2-3yrs old maybe) in a mini-car was heading out through the enterance with high speed.. and his mother running after and trying to stop him.. LOL.. Felt really laid back today and nailed diagnoses at the seminar even tho I didnt know how to diagnose..just went with "experience" (and guidance of course).. LOL.. :))) Felt AWESOME ! ..Left for lunch at great place for some soup..yum.. and studied some.. then as I headed for the tram.. I heard some laughter above and heard a male saying "oh no, there comes another one".. I looked up and two kids and (I assume) the dad standing at their french balcony at the 3rd floor, wanting to let a waterfilled balloon crash on the sidewalk .. checking so they wouldnt hit anyone with it...so when I had passed by already they let it crash onto the street .. and they laughed long and hard lol.. :))) I had to laugh too.. LOVE witnessing people having crazy fun!!! Before I reached the tram I passed a row of benches and one was covered with grass (it was actually a piece of lawn.. LOL).. I'm rendez vousing with the best shit LOL.. :))) .. and the day is not over yet.. Ps. Also ADORING how funny kids are.. A 2,5 yr old and the twin sister were playing and riding the slide.. and their mother wanted to head back home but they refused.. and so the Mother tried out saying: "But who will I play with at home if you won't come along?" One of the Twins, while she headed up for another slide-ride said nonchalantly: "Daddy"

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