Zooming Favorably

When something feels very comfy or very un-comfy, why is that? Well, anytime we focus on the favorable side of something we feel good. And anytime we feel bad, it means we are focusing on the subject from a side that is NOT favorable to us. Notice that there are always different sides to look at it from, and different perspectives to filter through :)))) So, THIS is actually a KEY to feeling better or finding relief ON PURPOSE (and instant!!!). When getting Zoomed In on a subject that is plesurable (favorable in some way for us) we feel better and better the more we zoom in. And when zooming in on a subject from a side that is not pleasing, then we can get to feeling rotten as we continue zooming in closer and closer. So, the key to relief from feeling bad, rotten or uncomfy ~ that is to ZOOMING OUT from the perspective of the current subject that is unpleasing to us... and then we have two options: Number One, is to then Zoom IN on the SAME subject but from a more favorable perspective. Or if that seems complicated, then go for option Number Two, which is to get yourself ZOOMING IN on Any-Other-Subject that you alreday know will be pleasurable while doing so!!! Earlier I've covered some about Feelings, how they are an awesome tool and actual INDIVIDUAL GUIDANCE, cool stuff :))) So in that post you can read more about WHY you would want to CHOOSE to feeling GOOD over feeling bad, regardless the subject :))) Click HERE to access it, Enjoy!

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