Yoga Demo {Video} Part IV ~ Tripod to Bakasana to Jump-Back

Tripod Headstand to Bakasana (Crow Pose) to Jump-Back This sequence is for Intermediate to Advanced practitioners who already manage a stable enough Tripod Headstand, to be able to do variations with the legs. 1. Come into a stable Tripod Headstand 2. Bend your knees to put them on the back of your upper arms 3. Shift your weight back to lift your head from the floor to come into Crow Pose 4. Mindfully come down with your head again on the floor, and lift your legs back up into Tripod Headstand 5. Repeat no.2 and no.3 to come into Crow Pose 6. From Crow Pose, activate your abdominal muscles (mula & uddiana bandha) and shoot your legs back to land in Chaturanga Dandasana (Staff Pose) Ps. Watch the previous demo HERE

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