After three 108-day Game Challenges in a row... (yes, that's DAILY for almost a whole year), I've noticed how clear my "Inner Voice" has become for me. I noticed effect already the first days and week, and the improvements never end...(!!!) I've been following my inspiration with more and more confidence during this time, and I ADORE the results of this period. It has made a PROFOUD effect on my knowledge about how this universe works, how powerful I am as a creator of my experiences, how Wellbeing and Love always abounds, how superclear and effective my mind can be, how I am the boss of my body/thoughts/cirumstances/situations!!! I was already Empowered and felt fabulous BEFORE I started this, but even though I was...
This has been a very profound SUPER-EMPOWERMENT-DELUX!!! There is no end to the Magnificence, The Genious !!! WOW :)))
I'd love to thank all of you that have been enjoying this process with me, and if you haven't already - to check out details and do your own challenge :))) I also want to thank EVERYONE so much for the donations, I'm really loving how this is changing our lives to more rejoicing, more deliciousness... more savoring!!!
Thank you ALL for the amazing feedback with words, sharing, donations and all the love :)))
The past week I've been inspired to enjoy some raw food (again)... actually I did my first Raw Food "cooking classes" in the beginning of 1990.. LOL.. and I'm really enjoying the experimenting of it, on and off, since then!! Anyhow, the past week I've tried some new recipes again and been having time to experiment some more. I love all kinds of food, and I'm following inspiration for which food to pick and when. At this moment it's more raw than other kind of foods.. [Photos, click HERE]... but I'm always enjoying whatever foods I'm currently inspired to pick out :))) Especially enjoying a refreshing breakfast after a nice [usually very delicious!!] yoga practice... Ahhh, the LOVE I feel :))) Ps. If you haven't already - ENJOY an Empowerment Fun Game Challenge - more on it, with details CLICK HERE :)))
Have a GORGEOUS and FUN DAY!!! Be Well and Shine On!!!

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