The past week I've been inspired to enjoy some raw food (again)... actually I did my first Raw Food "cooking classes" in the beginning of 1990.. LOL.. and I'm really enjoying the experimenting of it, on and off, since then!! Anyhow, the past week I've tried some new recipes again and been having time to experiment some more. I love all kinds of food, and I'm following inspiration for which food to pick and when. There are several yummy recipes on this blog... one recent VERY YUMMY (OMG! I've used this one as spread, as pasta sause both for regular pasta and "raw" pasta.. next time I'll make some crackers out of it.. but for now it's very finished.. LOL) you can find clicking HERE... and latest one you'll find clicking HERE... Some recipes from 2010, some {LOVE MADE}Stuff...Love Made Raw Crackers HERE & Love Made Raw Organic Yummy Bites HERE
This mornings smoothie: topped with nectarine, hempseeds, gojis, coconut oil...
This mornings smoothie got kinda black from the mix of blueberries and supergrass powder :)))
YUMMY cookies... Oh My, Mesquite is delicious as "sweetner" :))) And I get no "sugar-dip" !!!
"Raw Cookies", that I ADORED (yes, I've finished them already..!!!)
NOTE: Links for some recipes, see the text above!!! YUM for experimenting and following inspiration :)))

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