The Yum-Schedule Of Today

I've been asked what I do everyday to keep myself vibrant and happy, what are my favourite things to do... As you already know I've been sharing my fun-&-playful-challenges with you, which is to mold my reality... [Read more HERE] ...well, I'm already happy-no-matter-what... so what do I do when I'm happy? What do I love to do on a daily basis? Right now I'm for the most part following inspiration, but I'm actually very prone to some things on a daily basis anyways, so I thought I'd share some of what I call "the yummies" of the day...
* Began with 1 hour yoga, including "breath of fire" which is a great cardio workout.. but I've also noticed it is EXCELLENT for improving voice practice too [fast increase in ability to lenghten the outbreath, i.e. holding/playing around with a note] !!!
* 15 minute of meditation, today I used the mantra "yum" which corresponds to the heart chakra... very appropriate, lol!
* prepared some yummy food, "love-made" food as I say, that is a lovely "daily practice" too, to make food mindfully and deliberatly include love... Alot of times I sing while preparing it...
* voice practice using harmonium & tabla, did about 1,5 hours today, it's lovely to feel the voice stretching
* yoga practice, about 35 minutes, twists and armbalaces
The day is not over, I'll probably read some in my recent arrived yoga magazine while lying I'm on my bed-of-nails-mat... That's some inspiration for you, I've felt inspired to use my bed-of-nails-mat the past week, it has been gathering dust since last time I used it... about 18 months ago.. someone reminded me of it, so I got it out again! It's actually quite nice, every once in a while :)))
Ps: As soon as I embark on a new playful-mind-challenge, I'll share it with you of course... stay tuned...

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