Woozaaa ~ Love Feeling On-Top !!!

The other day I shared some of my yum-schedule and I'll continue some today :))) Since the day is not over yet, I'll also share what's to come... I'm feeling REALLY GOOD as always, and excited to see what will be up as my next "blow my own mind challenge" :))) Read more about it HERE if you haven't been on any of the mind-adventures to self-empowerment-delux !!! Feeling on-top-of-the-world...
* Began with 1h yummy yoga practice including breath-of-fire and twisting poses, and stayed in savasana while enjoying "namo namo" by Ram Dass ... and I couldn't help myself to start singing cuz I love it... so..
* ...continued with some singing practice, singing along to some delicious tracks...
* ...and after a while I continued singing but went into the shower and did a quick oil-massage from head-to-toe right before the shower... while I continued singing....
* ..then out to the kitchen to make some "Love Made" food... today I prapared a sweet (raw) yummy treat to start my day... (Strawberries, cashews, dates, vanilla, coconut oil and agave - mixed all together in a blender... half of it I enjoyed right away and the rest I put in the fridge to enjoy later) It was VERY VERY YUMMY!!!!
* Back home later on I made zucchini pasta (raw pasta) with a very delicious sauce (also raw)... (tasty small tomatoes, dried tomatoes, carrot, walnuts, garlic, cummin, coriander, cayenne, salt - mixed it with a blender until desired texture.. almost kinda like "minced meat") Enjoyed the sauce with the zucchini pasta and a spoonful of coconut salsa (1 part turkish yogurt + 2 parts shredded coconut + salt) ... and for dessert I ate the strawberry-treat from this morning!! What a lovely meal :)))
* Read about my wonder-woman-friend Robin and her new "Saying YES! Marketing Plan", enjoy it by clicking HERE, get inspired!!! And visit her when passing La Jolla, California next time!!!
So what's up for the rest of the day we'll see, but probably I'll practice some tabla (hand-drums) and enjoy some pranayama, maybe some more yoga and/or meditation too.. Might draw some, we'll see what I'm up for... Feeling Good is the best ingredient in a "successful" day :))) Yum!!!
Ps. I'm also letting the next "Creation Empowerment Challenge" fall into place... Almost there, I'll let you know before I start again, so you can join in!!! Click HERE for the previous post about my Yum-Schedule!

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