{Love Made} Chai-Chia-Pudding ~ Kheer Variation (Uncooked/Raw Kheer)

Made a very simple version of the indian "kheer" today, an uncooked version of it using chia seeds instead of the rice. I'd say this batch below serves 2 persons for dessert, or 1 person if enjoyed for breakfast :)
1 cup (2-2.5 dl) of milk (your favorite kind, plant based or not, I prefer using some creamy variant)
3 tablespoons Chia Seeds (White ones for esthetic reasons if available, if not black works equally well altho makes another appearance)
cardamom to taste (feel free to play around, using the classic Chai-spices or some spice-based chai tea like "Yogi Tea Sweet Chai")
sweeten to taste, using your favorite one ( I used honey, approx 1 teaspoon)
[pinch of saffron ~ optional ~ I didn't use it this time, but it's used in a lot of Kheer recipes]
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1. Put all ingredients above in a container/a jar with a lid, stir and have a taste to make sure the spices and sweeteners have found harmony. Then put the lid on and let sit in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight, until thickened to a pudding.
2. Re-Stir before eating it as it is or top it with dried fruits and nuts/similar.. like chopped pistachios, cashew, almonds and sultanas...
This pudding can be eaten as dessert as well as for breakfast... I've just set a batch for tomorrow morning, Sunday-Delight-Breakfast :)))
Soo freakin yummy!!!
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